RFID products



RFID is short for Radio Frequency IDentification.


Many people compare the RFID technology with traditional barcodes. You can do so, but RFID has many additional benefits too. E.g. does the products not being in sight, as RFID can be read over greater distances and through many different materials. Another advantage of RFID is that more units can be read simultaneously. RFID has a substantially larger data capacity, and therefore it is possible to identify individual products in greater level of details. 


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We sell components of RFID frequencies 125kHz (LF), 13.56MHz (HF) and 868MHz (UHF).


If you need other RFID components than shown on our website, please feel free to contact us. We have reseller agreements with the leading suppliers within RFID products.































  125 kHz                     

  868 MHz                     

  13.56 MHz                  


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